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Title African American Family Commission 
Contact Name Michael Holmes 
Contact Title Executive Director, Illinois African American Family Commission, DCFS 
Contact Phone 312.326.0368 
Contact Email  
Function The Commission is to guide and collaborate the efforts of the Dept. on Aging, DCFS, DCEO, DHS, DOC, DPA, DPH, and DOT to improve and expand existing human services and educational community development programs for African-Americans by monitoring existing programs designed to address the needs of African-Americans, assisting in the development of new programs and policies that will expand and enhance the needs of African-American families and children, and facilitating the participation of African-Americans in the development and implementation of community based services. 
Term 3 years, except for initial appointments. Initially, 5 serve 1 year, 5 serve 2 years, and 5 serve 3 years. 
Senate Confirmation No 
Compensation Expenses 
Qualifications Members shall have working knowledge of human services, community development, and economic public policies. The members shall reflect regional representation to ensure that the needs of African-American families and children throughout Illinois are met. They shall be representative of public and private agencies, the business sector, and community-based human services organizations. 
Composition 15 members appointed by the Governor 8 ex officio members representing the following agencies:
Department of Aging;
Department of Corrections;
Department of Children and Family Services;
Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity;
Department of Human Services;
Department of Health and Family Services;
Department of Public Health;
Department of Transportation.  
Chair Appointed by the Governor 
Authority 20 ILCS 3903/10 

Member Names

Name (Last, First) Ascending Term Expires Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position County Title
Avery, Patricia  01/06/2017  01/24/2014    Governor  Member  Champaign   
Barclay, Lester L.   01/06/2016  03/26/2013  Democrat  Governor  Member  Cook   
Bryson, Seymour  01/06/2015  01/01/2005    Governor  Member  Jackson   
Carr, Aja  01/06/2016  03/26/2013    Governor  Member  Cook   
Cross Pruitt, Ida  01/06/2015  01/01/2005    Governor  Member  Cook   
Crump, Rochelle     09/17/2008  Department of Children and Family Services  Statute  Ex-Officio  None   
Dace, Percy A.   01/06/2016  03/26/2013    Governor  Member  None   
Ford, Lunaire  01/06/2014  03/26/2013    Governor  Member  Cook   
Hasbrouck, LaMar    04/19/2010  Department of Public Health  Statute  Ex-Officio  None  Director  
Holton, John    04/06/2010  Department of Aging  Statute  Ex-Officio  None  Director 
Johnson, Waldo  01/06/2015  03/29/2013    Governor  Member  Cook   
Jones, Carol Humphries       Department of Human Services  Statute  Ex-Officio  None   
Madison, Jesse  01/06/2014  01/01/2005    Governor  Chair, Member  Cook   
Matthews, Sharron    04/28/2010  Department of Health and Family Services  Statute  Ex-Officio  None  Assistant Director 
McCoy, William  01/06/2016  03/26/2013    Governor  Member  Cook   
Montgomery, Jesse      Department of Corrections  Statute  Ex-Officio  None   
Norington-Reaves, Karin M., Esq.    02/08/2010  Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity  Statute  Ex-Officio  None   
Quinn, Pat        Statute  Member  None  Governor 
Small, Tony    04/20/2010  Department of Transportation  Statute  Ex-Officio  None  Deputy Director 
Spears, Clifford  01/06/2016  03/27/2013    Governor  Chair, Member  Cook   
Thomas, Beverly J.   01/06/2014  03/26/2013  Democrat  Governor  Member  Peoria   
Voisin, Dexter  01/06/2015  03/26/2013    Governor  Member  None   
Walker, Sylvia M.   01/06/2015  03/26/2013    Governor  Member  Macon   
Warren, Eddie  01/06/2014  03/26/2013    Governor  Member  Adams   

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