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Title Human Services Commission, Illinois 
Contact Name Nicole Reyna 
Contact Email  
Function The Commission shall review all State human services programs and make recommendations for achieving a system that will provide for the efficient and effective delivery of high quality human services.  
Term N/A 
Senate Confirmation No 
Compensation N/A 
Composition The Commission shall include representation from both public and private organizations, and its membership shall reflect regional, racial, and cultural diversity to ensure representation of the needs of all Illinois citizens. 1) one member appointed by the President of the Senate, 2) one member appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate, 3) one member appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, 4) one member appointed by the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives The Governor's appointments shall include, without limitation, the following: (1) A co-chair from the Office of the Governor and a co-chair not employed by a governmental entity to represent the interests of nongovernmental organizations. (2) Eight members of the General Assembly representing each of the majority and minority caucuses of each chamber. (3) The Directors or Secretaries of the following State agencies or their designees: (A) Department of Human Services. (B) Department of Children and Family Services. (C) Department of Healthcare and Family Services. (D) State Board of Education. (E) Department on Aging. (F) Department of Juvenile Justice. (G) Department of Corrections. (H) Department of Public Health. (4) Local government stakeholders and nongovernmental stakeholders with an interest in human services, including representation among the following private-sector fields and constituencies: (A) Early childhood education and development. (B) Child care. (C) Child welfare. (D) Youth services. (E) Developmental disabilities. (F) Mental health. [FN1] (H) Employment and training. (I) Sexual and domestic violence. (J) Alcohol and substance abuse. (K) Local community collaborations among human services programs. (L) Immigrant services. (M) Affordable housing. (N) Re-entry. (O) Food and nutrition. (P) Homelessness. (Q) Older adults. (R) Physical disabilities. (S) Business. (T) Philanthropy. (U) Labor. (V) Law enforcement. (W) Maternal and child health. (5) A representative of a maternal and child health training program at a public university in the State.  
Chair Co-chair from Governor's Office, co-chair not employed by government entity 
Authority 20 ILCS 5035 

Member Names

Name (Last, First) Ascending Member Since Appointed By Position County
Alexander, James  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Bacon, J. Maichle  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Winnebago 
Calderon, Juan  05/17/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Diaz, Evelyn  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Dickson, Victor  08/15/2014  Governor  Member  Cook 
DuBoe, Wendy  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Durbin, Andrea  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Evans-Glaspie, Janice  07/10/2015  Governor  Department of Juvenile Justice  Kane 
Gethner, Judith  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Gieseke, Gaylord  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Godinez, S.A.  09/24/2013  Governor  Department of Corrections  None 
Hamos, Julie  09/24/2013  Governor  Department of Healthcare and Family Services  None 
Handler, Arden  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Hollie, Mary  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Holton, John  09/05/2014  Governor  Department on Aging  Cook 
Hou-Ovnik, Grace  09/24/2013  Governor  Member  None 
Howe, Sara Moscato  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Sangamon 
Irving, Anne  12/13/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Jbara, Ahlam  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
King, Candace  01/08/2013  Governor  Member  DuPage 
Koch, Christopher  09/24/2013  Governor  State Board of Education  None 
Korr, Wynne  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Champaign 
Lewis, James  09/24/2013  Governor  Member  None 
Link-Mullison, Miriam  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Jackson 
Lowitzki, Dave  09/24/2013  Governor  Member  None 
Maya, Dora  09/24/2013  Governor  Member  None 
Moreno, Celena  12/13/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Murray, Denice  10/17/2014  Governor  Department of Children and Family Services  None 
Otto, Barbara  09/24/2013  Governor    None 
Rodriguez, Pamela  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Rubovits, David  08/29/2014  Governor  Member  Cook 
Ryan, Dee Ann  01/08/2013  Governor  Member  Vermilion 
Rynell, Amy  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Saddler, Michelle  09/24/2013  Governor  Department of Human Services  None 
Shaver, Michael  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Cook 
Smith, Vickie  08/02/2013  Governor  Member  Sangamon 
TBD    Speaker of the House  Member  None 
TBD    Senate President  Member  None 
TBD    House Minority Leader  Member  None 
TBD    Senate Minority Leader  Member  None 
Vacant    Governor  Member, General Assembly  None 
Vacant    Governor  Member, General Assembly  None 
Vacant    Governor  Member, General Assembly  None 
Vacant    Governor  Member, General Assembly  None 
Vacant    Governor  Member, General Assembly  None 
Vacant    Governor  Member, General Assembly  None 
Vacant    Governor  Member, General Assembly  None 
VACANT    Governor  Department of Public Health  None 
Wass, Gregory  09/24/2013  Governor  Member  None 

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