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Title Youth Development Council, Illinois 
Function The purpose of the Council is to provide oversight and coordination to the State's public funds currently invested to support positive youth development programs and activities and to set systemwide policies and priorities to accomplish the following 5 major objectives:
(i) set afterschool program expansion priorities, such as addressing gaps in programming for specific ages and populations;
(ii) create outcome measures and require all afterschool programs to be evaluated to ensure that outcomes are being met;
(iii) oversee the establishment of a statewide program improvement system that provides technical assistance and capacity building to increase program participation and quality systemwide;
(iv) monitor and assess afterschool program quality through outcome measures;
and (v) establish State policy to support the attainment of outcomes.  
Term The Council may establish a defined length of term for membership on the Council. 
Senate Confirmation No 
Qualifications Governance. The Illinois Youth Development Council shall reflect the regional, racial, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity of the State to ensure representation of theneeds of all Illinois youth.  
Composition The Council shall be composed of no less than 28 and no more than 32 members; The Council shall include representation from both public and private organizations comprised of the following; Four members of the General Assembly;
1 appointed by the President of the Senate; 1 appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate;
1 appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and;
1 appointed by the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives; The chief administrators of the following State agencies; Department of Human Services;
Illinois State Board of Education;
Department of Children and Family Services;
Department of Public Health;
Department of Juvenile Justice;
Department of Healthcare and Family Services;
Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity;
Illinois Board of Higher Education, and; Illinois Community College Board; The Chair of the Illinois Workforce Investment Board;
Executive Director of the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority; The following Council members shall be appointed by the Governor; 2 officials from a unit of local government; At least 3 representatives of direct youth service providers and faith-based providers; Three young people who are between the ages of 16 and 21 and who are members of the Youth Advisory Group; Two parents of children between the ages of 6 and 19; 1 academic researcher in the field of youth development; Additional public members that include local government stakeholders and nongovernmental stakeholders with an interest in youth development and afterschool programs;
including representation from the following private sector fields and constituencies:
child and youth advocacy;
children and youth with special needs;
child and adolescent health;
and law enforcement.  
Authority 325 ILCS 27/15 

Member Names

Name (Last, First) Ascending Member Since Appointed By Position County Title
Allen, Kristin   11/30/2011  Governor  Member  Sangamon   
Durbin, Andrea  05/03/2012  Governor  Member  Cook   
Francken, Atticus  11/30/2011  Governor  Member  McLean   
Gordon, Jehan  05/04/2011  Speaker of the House  Member  None  State Representative 
Gregg, Bobbie    Statute  Ex-Officio, DCFS  None   
Hatcher, Kay  05/11/2011  House Minority Leader    None   
Hutchinson, Toi  08/18/2010  Senate President  Member  None   
Johnson, Marci    Statute  Ex-Officio, ISBE  None   
Jones, Candice    Statute  Ex-Officio, DJJ  None   
Millner, John  12/06/2010  Senate Minority Leader  Member  None   
Mitchell, Melissa  05/03/2012  Governor  Member  Cook   
Mulhall, Peter  11/30/2011  Governor  Member  Champaign   
Nevels, Malik  11/30/2011  Governor  Member  Cook   
Norwood, Felicia    Statute  Ex-Officio, DHFS  None   
Obrzut, Geoff    Statute  Ex-Officio, ICCB  None   
Peace, Curtis  11/30/2011  Governor  Member  Cook   
Reid, George    Statute  Ex-Officio, IBHE  None   
Rose, Raymond  11/30/2011  Governor  Member  Lake   
Ryg, Kathy  11/30/2011  Governor  Member  Lake   
Sambolin-Jones, Ivonne    Statute  Ex-Officio, DHS  None   
Schultz, Jim    Statute  Ex-Officio, DCEO  None   
Shah, Nirav    Statute  Ex-Officio, IDPH  None   
Shaw, Barbara    Statute  Ex-Officio, IVPA  None   
Sinksi, David  11/30/2011  Governor  Member  Cook   
Torres, Jose  11/30/2011  Governor  Member  Kane   
Williams, Michael  05/03/2012  Governor  Member  Winnebago   

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