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Title Medical Disciplinary Board, Illinois State 
Contact Name Jill Kreoger 
Contact Title Assistant to Director of Professional Regulation, at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation 
Contact Phone 217.557.8786 
Contact Email  
Function The Board reviews complaints against Illinois physicians for violations of the Medical Practice Act;
conducts hearings and may recommend probation, suspension, revocation or other action of license.  
Term 4 years, beginning January 1 of staggered years, and until successor is appointed and qualified. No member to serve more than 2 consecutive four-year terms. 
Senate Confirmation Yes 
Party Affiliation No more than 6 board members from the same political party. 
Compensation Expenses; per diem determined by Secretary 
Qualifications Must be Illinois resident 
Composition 11 appointed by Governor:
- 5 Illinois licensed physicians licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches and possessing the degree of doctor of medicine.
- 1 Illinois physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches possessing the degree of doctor of osteopathy
- 1 Illinois chiroptratic physician possessing the degree of doctor of chiropractic
- Four members of the public who are not engaged in any way, directly or indirectly, as providers of health care  
Chair Chair and Vice-Chair elected by the board 
Authority 225 ILCS 60/7  

Member Names

Name (Last, First) Ascending Term Expires Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position County Title
Allen Newton, Grace  01/01/2016  04/16/2010  Democrat  Governor  Member, Public  Cook   
Fay, Richard  01/01/2018  08/12/2010  Republican  Governor  Member, Chiropractor  DuPage  Doctor 
Johnson, Ronald  01/01/2019  07/30/2012  Democrat  Governor  Member, Physician  Pike  Doctor 
Laporta, Maria  01/01/2016  2005  Republican  Governor  Chair, Member, Physician  Stephenson  Doctor 
Massey, Sarita  01/01/2016  03/01/2010  Democrat  Governor  Member, Physician  Cook  Doctor 
Montana, James  01/01/2018  02/07/2014    Governor  Member, Public  Cook   
Nicolosi, Frank  01/01/2019  03/02/2015  Republican  Governor  Physician  Winnebago  Doctor 
O'Mara, Karen  01/01/2015  07/30/2012  Democrat  Governor  Member, Osteopath  Cook  Doctor 
Perkins, Marian  01/01/2019  06/12/2015    Governor  Member, Public  Cook   
Szokol, Joseph  01/01/2018  07/30/2012  Republican  Governor  Member, Physician  Cook  Doctor 
VACANT  01/01/2018    Democrat  Governor  Member, Public  Cook   

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